David Hale Sylvester is arrogant.

"How arrogant?" you ask.

He is just arrogant enough to believe that he can change the world one hug at a time....and why shouldn't he think this way??

Since losing a lifelong friend in the tragedy of September 11, 2001, David has done the the unfathomable by traveling throughout the planet and putting himself in the position to encounter and embrace over 200,000 people!!

To many, the experience of hugging this many people may be overwhelming but not "Big Dave." - he's fueled by the nourishing kernels of happiness, warmth, understanding and wisdom that lie deep within each embrace 

I bet you didn't even know those kernels existed;) 

Well, they do and those kernels have fueled Big Dave's steps forward in volunteering at hospitals, shelters, schools and other charities around the world.

Now, with an award winning documentary, a bestseller and numerous articles  to his credit- David could stop moving forward with his mission but isn’t.

...in fact, he’s probably somewhere smiling, hugging and high-fiving someone as you read this.

Go find him and get a Big Dave hug:)