Welcome to my Site!


I don’t know why you’re visiting but I sure am glad that you did!

Lemme tell you about my life.

Back in 2001, as The World Trade Centers crumbled, I sought out one thing to make me feel better: a hug.

For just a moment, that embrace, that interaction that bit of...human connection broke though the anguish and tension and made me feel better.

It was then that I made it my goal to to do what I could repair the fabric of humanity by simply reaching out to embrace strangers.

It's been 16 years since that emotional moment but I've evolved a lot and can now proudly display a map of all the places where I have been/hugged or been contacted from since then. 

With 50 states and almost as many countries ticked off- this map isn’t an egotistical  “Hug-&-Tell” prop for me- it is a testament to what one raw idea can lead to because each map marker is representative of a human...“stitch” in the fabric of humanity.

Now, building this map hasn’t been easy but nothing I’ve ever attempted has been as fulfilling. 

So again, welcome to my site - poke around and read some stories or check out some pictures but more than anything: Be inspired. 

Hugs and High5s

Big Dave