City List


San Bernardino, California 

Palm Springs, California

Twentynine Palms, California 

Bagdad, California 

Fenner, California  

Laughlin, Nevada

Kingman, Arizona

Seligman, Arizona 

Flagstaff,  Arizona

Winslow, Arizona

Sun Valley, Arizona

Zuni, New Mexico 

El Morro, New Mexico

North Aconite Village, New Mexico 

 Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Clines Corners, New Mexico 

Cuervo, New Mexico 

Tucumcari, New Mexico

Glenrio, New Mexico 

Busland, Texas 

Amarillo, Texas

Pampa, Texas

Sweetwater, Oklahoma 

Foss, Oklahoma

Binger, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Kansas, Oklahoma

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Alpena, Arkansas

Springfield, Missouri

Lebanon, Missouri

Eugene, Missouri

Springfield, Missouri

Lebanon, Missouri

Jefferson City, Missouri

New Haven, Missouri

Ferguson Missouri

St Louis, Missouri

 Litchfield, Illinois 

Springfield, Illinois 

 Normal, Illinois

Dwight, Illinois

Joliet, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

 Indianapolis, Indiana 

Pennsboro, West Virginia 

Clarksburg, West Virginia 

Morgantown, West Virginia 

Confluence, Pennsylvania

Cumberland, Maryland 

Hancock, Maryland

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Washington, DC 

Baltimore Maryland 

Newark, Delaware 

The Union League of Philadelphia 

Hello World!


 I am bicycling across the USA again this spring!


Because, like many, I had become desensitized to the numerous shootings and episodes of brutality throughout the world but recent mayhem has me feeling again and it stings.

It’s very apparent to me that people need a smile now more than ever.

As a lone man, I know that I can’t do much of anything- I really do - but I feel a strong duty to do ...something so I thought about what I can do.

I know that I've been able to make people around the world feel better about their possibilities with just an embrace and an exchange of a story or two and because of that experienced warmth: I am doing... ( drumroll please)

The Hugs and High5 Tour 2016!

(sounds awesome, right)

Check it out - my 17 state cycling effort will begin in San Bernardino, California in May and end at the historic Union League of Philadelphia in July.

Passing through Oklahoma City, Ferguson, Chicago, Cincinnati, Baltimore and other cities where shit has gone down - this journey marks my 7th cross continental trip in 14 years and possibly the most important of them all because each day I will make myself available for two hours just to hug/high5 anyone that wants/needs one!

With my first hug,  this tour will be a success but it’s the subsequent embraces and smiles will make it even more impactful and that’s where you come in: 

I need places to hug people!

Look over the list of cities that I’m biking through and introduce me to people there so I can establish a Hug and High5 Station at their location.

Places like: Museums, Fire Stations, Police Stations, Recreation Centers, Planned Parenthoods, Barbershops, Yoga Studios, Gyms, Bike Shops, Colleges, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Red Cross Centers, Cafes, Shelters, Thrifts Stores, Radio Stations even Strip Clubs - any other hub of activity!!

But wait there’s more…

I pledge a new bicycle and 1000 dollar scholarship to a lucky person for every 1000 Hugs and High5’s given - details to be revealed later.

And even just a bit more…

I will arrive in Philadelphia just as the Democratic National Convention is beginning and there is a possibility, just a possibility, that I will be able to address the DNC crowd with my very Philadelphia but very global and inspiring story.

So that’s it!

Hugs/High5’s ain't much but it's what I got and I got plenty!