Hello World


Back in September of 2001, many of us throughout America looked upward in panic and scanned the skyline for highjacked planes.


With no smart phones, we relied on the original forms of social media to get us through. 


We spoke to each other to express our fears and listened to each other to soothe our burgeoning anxiety. 


For those too traumatized to speak, we even petted dogs and stroked cats until our spirits were calmed down. 


We also hugged…we hugged a lot as a way to silently say, “I am here for you.” 


I was naive then - naive enough to think that 9/11 would be a watershed moment and there wouldn't be any more mass killing like that anymore but everyday it seems there is another event to show just how wrong I was - The Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Orlando, Chicago every day, Dallas, San Bernardino Baltimore, Ferguson, Aurora, Charleston, Fort Hood, Tucson and too many more...and that is just in the United States.



Smiles - Hugs - High5s:  these are the forms of social media that I grew up with and since 2001, I've utilized them to engage and inspire over 200,000 people in 49 states and 36 countries the world.





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