Traveling at the Speed of Life
By David Hale Sylvester


The tragedy on September 11, 2001 killed many and hurt many more. David Sylvester tried to make sense of that senseless moment by jumping on his bicycle and connecting with people.

His message to the people he met across three continents was simple: “Find your bike." It translates to finding your passion and now, ten years later, after pedaling across deserts, down dirt roads and highways, and over the mountains of Africa, Asia, and North America, David spreads his inspirational message on the pages of this book.

Whether relaying stories of tragedy or triumph David writes with a degree of honesty, humor and passion that will make you want to 'find your own bike' and go for a ride.

Traveling at the Speed of Life has been added to at least ten university and high school curriculums across the United States - among them Cal State Northridge, Yale and The Shipley School.


Praise for Traveling at the Speed of Life:

Because of David's open heart and unwavering value of friendship, 'Traveling at the Speed of Life' is an honest success. It is obvious that he has so much more of himself to give and I cannot wait to read what he will do next.

Tess Orgasan Zwizanski 

Production Coordinator

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“Traveling at the Speed of Life” is a very personal journey of discovery: of self, of the world and the impact simple personal connections can make. Dave has an extra-ordinary determination and self-belief that has inspired many. His book contains some vivid and charming descriptions of the people he has met and the events that have made a great impact on his life.

Catriona Kennedy

Edinburgh, Scotland.


David is one of those rare individuals who truly stand out as the complete person: body, mind, and spirit. He is an inspiration for how he lives his life (to the fullest) and because of what he does for others. This book brings his story to a global audience.

Kallan Resnick

Tokyo, Japan

David's passion and excitement for life is evident when you meet him.  But upon reading about his worldwide tales of adventures on his bike, one can truly appreciate his compassion and understanding for those from all walks of life.   Traveling at the Speed of Life reminds the reader that sometime's life's richest moments come from enjoying the journey, regardless of the destination.

Kathryn G. Moore, ESQ



I’ve traveled many places and met many people, but rarely do I meet someone that give’s off an aura of confidence, charisma and wisdom like David. His story is, not only inspiring, but provides a “no bull-shit” caricature of who he is, a man all of us should be lucky enough to meet.

Chris Fireoved 

Paris, France


Traveling at the Speed of Life and the story of David Sylvester are so special because they are honest.  They are real.  Dave weaves surprising insights and earnest reflections into each adventure and bike journey, even when it is not pretty.  That alone is inspiring, and that is what makes this book so inspiring.  By the end, you wonder what you, yourself are waiting for?  What is stopping you from making your dreams happen?  And that to me, makes Dave worth knowing, and his story worth reading… 

Malini Sekhar

Independent Consultant

Philadelphia, PA