Cleveland, Ohio
1:30pm 1:30pm

Cleveland, Ohio

I was hugging and high5'n at the RNC in Cleavlend last year and met Texas Governor Rick Perry. It was the second day of the converntion and while evryone else was draggin' tail - Rick enetred the cafe - clean as the board of helath. 

Not a hair out of place.


He wals staright over to me and says, "i hear that your atre the man to talak to if i need a hug." 

Hell yeah, I repliy and from there we have a short conversation about my travles, biking texas and life. He then asks for a pictire with my sign and asks for a hug - which i oblige. He then leaves the cafe to go to a waiting car - stops gets out of the car - comes back into  says, "Man that really is a good hug- can I get another ?" 

While hugging, I am trying to think of soemting clever to say and all i can do is think of Bill Clinton's rsepnese after meeting him: He's a good lookin' man.

So after the hug is over, I look at him and say, "you really are a good looking man" and he just looks at me blankly and says, "...well, yeah" and we laugh.


From there he went on to do his thing at the RNC and so did I.


Distance to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 134 mile

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Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the home of the Cardinals football team and they are coached by Bruce Arians. 

Bruce was my head coach at Temple University and here is my fav story with him:

One day my father came up to practice to check things out and said that he wanted to talk to coach. I said 'cool' and told my father to ask him if i was ever going to get some playing time - I was a walk-on. 

I watched my father go up to coach and talk and talk...and talk some more.  And then, I saw something that I didn't expect: I saw my dad cry.

WTF, I thought. 

"What happened," I asked.

My father said, "Coach Arians said that you were ok as a football player but he can see that you are a Hall of Fame'r as a man." 

Being totally absorbed in my own shit, i countered with, "...yeah, but when am i going to get some playing time." 

My dad just laughed and said . "Damn, you're dumb." 

I never got much time on the playing field and my dad never forgot coach's words- anytime saw Bruce Arian's name in the paper- he would smile and say , "that man saw greatness in you." 

I truly hope that I get to hug coach and tell him that I am still working on it. 



Distance to Las Vegas, Nevada: 300 miles

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Flagstaff, Arizona
4:30pm 4:30pm

Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff is the home of the world famous Pay-n-Take Bar...never heard of it??

No worries, neither did I until I met Scott Miller while bicycling Africa.

Scott is one of the owners of the cafe and man of leisure and has traveled the planet putting Petey Pay-n-Take stickers everywhere! 

Come get a hug...and a sticker!!


Distance to Phoenix, Arizona: 144 miles

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