About Dave


Let me tell you about my life.

Back in 2001, as the World Trade Centers crumbled, I sought out the one thing to make me feel better: a hug.

That embrace, interaction and bit of human connection broke though the pain and anguish of the moment and made me feel better...just for a moment. 

Right then, I made it my goal to to do what I could repair the fabric of humanity- one hug and high5 at a time.

It hasn't been easy - but I’ve hugged a lot of folks since 2001 and can now proudly display this very special map. 

With 50 states -and almost as many countries ticked off- this map isn’t an egotistical  “Hug-&-Tell” prop for me. No, this map is a testament to what one raw idea can lead to because each map marker is representative of a human...“stitch” in the fabric of humanity.

Building this map hasn’t been easy but, nothing I’ve ever attempted has been as fulfilling. 

So again, welcome to my site. Poke around, read some stories and check out some pictures but more than anything: be inspired and motivated to develop your own raw ideas to enhance the world with me.

Hugs and High5s

Big Dave

Full Map

Red is where I bicycled.

  • Astoria, Oregon to Philadelphia.

  • Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Istanbul, Turkey to Beijing, China.

  • San Diego, California to New York City.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota to Philadelphia.

  • Sydney, Australia to Melbourne, Australia.

Black and Green are where I drove.

  • San Bernardino, California to Chicago, Illinois.

  • The continental 48 States.