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Charleston. South Carolina

  • Cupcakes Down South 433 King Street Charleston, SC, 29403 United States (map)

Thought I have never been to Cupcakes Down South - whee I am going to be hugging - they have a special place in my heart. 

You see, when I was  self publishing my book,   "Traveling at the Speed of Life”, I went through  Amazon’s CreateSpace program which is hq’d in Charleston. 

I was very pleased with my decision and their work but was initially trepidatious because i never spoke to the same person twice when I called and was only addressed by my member number when I called in - not David, Dave or even Mr Sylvester.

They are perfectly professional and polite and I get why they do it BUT as I inched my way toward crossing the fabled  “I’m Published” finish-line, I wanted  more than politeness: I wanted a connection!

I mean, I had had a hand in every part of my story - the biking, the hugging, the high5’ing, the writing, everything - and now at this crucial juncture i felt marginalized by a call center procedure.

I tried making small talk but that went nowhere …shit.

I tried calling at only certain times to ensure my speaking with only one representative but that didn’t work either…Double Shit.

I floated the idea of meeting with them in person at their Charleston South Carolina HQ but they told me that they aren’t allowed to do that- I guess that there are a lot of nuts out there and they want to limit their exposure….….Holy SHIT! 

I felt stymied...but then I had an idea: Cupcakes!!!

I called CreateSpace and asked for their physical address and then called Cupcakes Down South and explained my circumstances.

I didn’t know if it would help matters but said it nevertheless, “My book is hinging on these cupcakes so please do your best.” 

Then I crossed my fingers. 

When I called the next day, as soon as the person typed in my number he said, “Hey it’s the Cupcake Man!! What can i do for you??” 

Connection achieved! 

They even sent me a picture of them enjoying the cupcakes.

Full Disclosure: My first idea was to send a bottle of booze but rethought my idea because who wants a bunch of drunks woking on their book??

Years later i am a bestselling author and coming to give a hug and finally get a cupcake! 


Distance to Orlando, Florida:  379 miles


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